10 Awesome Photography Gifts You Can Give Any Photographer for Under $100


It’s no secret that buying awesome photography gifts for a photographer can be overwhelming and expensive and with the holiday’s coming up it’s time to start thinking about what you could give that won’t end up in the closet or worse. Today we’re going to look at a few ideas that will not only get you a gift you can give to almost any photographer, but you won’t break your budget doing it!



Before we get started, I just wanted to remind you about last year’s holiday shopping guide, Awesome Photography Gifts for Under $50 That Even Your Grandmother Could Buy, which was a huge hit. Combine that list with the one below and you’re close to 20 awesome photography gifts all for less than 100 dollars!

10 Awesome Photography Gifts for Photographers – Under $100

  1. Joby Gorillapod – The Gorillapod is ideal for someone who likes to photograph and travel. It’s light, easy to store in a carry on bag, and isn’t going to be a pain to carry around. There are drawbacks to it, namely it’s height, but overall it’s a nice addition for anyone looking to try some long exposure photography on the go.
  2. Lego Camera– This is a fun idea for a silly gift. To be honest it’s probably not going to get used much, but to get a laugh or two it might just be worth it. Plus you may even challenge your friend into seeing exactly how good a photographer they are…
  3. iPhone Camera Lenses – A bit more practical than the lego camera, these iPhone lens additions really seem to add some diversity to an already powerful camera. With macro, wide angle and telephoto options available it’s really amazing how much the world of iPhoneography opens up. At the time of this post it holds a strong 4 star review on Amazon so it may actually be worth the investment. Personally, I kind of want these myself!
  4. Digital Photo Frames – These frames are a great way to share photos and whether you’re giving a photographer a gift with some of your favorite photos of theirs or you are a photographer giving someone a gift of your favorite photos it’s a win-win gift idea on both fronts.
  5. Photographer Magazine Subscription – I have been subscribed to Outdoor Photographer Magazine for a year now and absolutely love it! There are magazines for almost any kind of photographer so shop around I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll peak the interest of the person in question.
  6. Second Hand Film Camera/Lens Combo – Another fun idea is to find a used film camera and lens combo for under 100 dollars. It’s not impossible to do on Amazon or eBay, but you’ll definitely need to be careful to get the right deal, but even a broken model could make for a nice classic home decor item.
  7. Vintage Polaroid Camera– Polaroid cameras have really started to come back into fashion lately. They are by no means mainstream, but there’s a small group out there that’s keeping this style of photography going. Certain models can get pricey, but if you can find a working model for under $100 it’s definitely worth it. Shop around and see what you can find, I know I’d enjoy a working polaroid camera to change it up a bit.
  8. Camera Creature – A cool idea for anyone who photographs kids for a living. These fun stuffed animals fit right over your lens hiding the camera. They even contain a squeaker to help draw attention and get that ever important smile!
  9. Camera Charms – Charms or other kinds of jewelry always make great gifts.
  10. Amazon Gift Card – If all else fails, let them decide what they want, with a gift card from Amazon or any other major retailer they could buy any accessory they’re looking for or put it towards their next major purchase.

Ultimately it’s up to you to know who you’re buying for and what kind of photographer they are. This list is a way to give you some ideas and hopefully get the person on the receiving end something they might either use, or find entertaining. I hope that this list of awesome photography gifts helps you check at least one person off your shopping list!

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