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Friday Afternoon in April

Friday afternoon – the goal of the work week, the start of the weekend. And yesterday’s Friday afternoon skyline as I walked out of the building after work was to become the image I’m sharing with you today. After the last few days of fog, rain and all around lack of sunshine Friday was aContinue Reading

Finally Got Him To Pose

Finally it’s Friday and I hope everyone has had a nice week. I’m excited that the weekend is expected to finally be back to blue skies and sunshine hopefully that means I’ll be able to get out on a photo walk Sunday. Now for today’s photo – Every day after work I pull into myContinue Reading

Control the Dam

Yesterday I went for a walk at the state forest again and this time I told myself I was going to take a picture of something I have yet to photograph. It’s amazing how when you put restrictions on yourself you see things differently. I’ve walked past this control building for the west hill damContinue Reading

Behind the Draper Mill

Happy hump day everyone I hope your week is going well. Today’s image is a shot from behind the GIGANTIC Draper Mill in Hopedale, MA. This was an old textile mill back in the 19th century and the Draper Coporation was once one of the largest companies in the United States. It’s amazing how timesContinue Reading

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

I thought I’d change it up a bit today and post a close up of a couple flowers. Sunday was nearly 80 degrees and it really has got me thinking about summer, of course we can’t forget about spring. It seems like every day I walk outside there are different flowers popping up in andContinue Reading

And Then it Became a Party…

Hello everyone! Hope you have a wonderful Monday! Today’s picture is actually a set of four images from the conclusion of my walk in the state forest last friday. As I stepped out from under the canopy I noticed a giant bird circling above me, quickly I swapped out to my telephoto lens and startedContinue Reading

Fork in the Road

Happy Sunday to everyone! Here’s another one from my walk in the forest on friday. I’ve been having a lot of fun processing these photos and this walk was probably the most successful to date resulting in a handful of good photos. As the title says this is one part of the forest where I haveContinue Reading

Target Practice

From yesterday’s trip through the forest I walked down a new path that I’d never traveled before, it went on FOREVER. I almost turned back, but I started to hear the sound of cars and then when I got closer I came to a road. Of course this was not where I parked so IContinue Reading