A Beautiful View

I miss my week at the lake house oh so much and going through all the photographs I took while I was there just isn’t helping me get over the fact that I’m back to the daily grind. Of course, vacation wouldn’t be as special if it happened all the time… right?

Daily Photo – A Beautiful View

sunset lake mountain
This photograph was taken over the lake at 300mm to really compress the scene, and more important showcase the mountain peak on the other side of the lake. This gives you a much different perspective than some of the other photographs I’ve shared using my wide angle lens, like this sunrise shot taken in roughly the same direction.

To process this shot I simply used a few tweaks in Lightroom to bring out the colors, highlights and to expose the shadows a bit more. All this is possible because I shoot my photographs in RAW which allows for a lot more flexibility when editing a photograph.

On the note of Lightroom I was wondering if you’d like me to share some of my favorite Lightroom presets with you. I have a handful that I consistently use as a starting point for most of my photographs and I’d gladly share them with you and create a video to showcase how to use them. Comment below if you’re interested!

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