A Little Too Close, A Little Too Big

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Daily Photo – A Little Too Close, A Little Too Big

Wave Crashes on Rock Black and White
So my goal here was to catch one of the waves as it crashed on this rock formation along the Cliff Walk in Newport RI.

I was watching the waves for a while and figured I had the perfect location to capture one of the crashes – I’d gotten all set up and saw a big one coming. Little did I know that this particular wave was a monster!

I’d spent a solid 20 – 30 minutes there and nothing quite this large came up, but of all the captures I was able to catch this was the only one that was perfectly timed. So while ¬†personally I’d have preferred to have it framed a couple inches taller I still really like the power that I was able to capture here.

Thankfully I didn’t get too wet, but I did have to dry my lens off a bit after this one.

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