Start Here!

Hello and welcome to Phogropathy! I want to take a moment and give you an idea of what I do here, where and how to start, and how you can benefit from becoming a regular reader of this site.

What Does Phogropathy mean?

While I was fooling around at one of those various domain name availability sites frustrated with being unsuccessful in getting a website with photos, photography, or something of the like in the UR I gave up and decided to simply rearrange the letters of the word – photography – and like magic Phogropathy was born!

Who Am I and What Do I Do Here?Self-Portrait-2-23-430x650

Well my name is John Davenport and I’m currently working a typical 9-5 trying to pay off the loans that got me the job in the first place. I dream of building Phogropathy into a thriving business and retiring early in life, but don’t we all?

And while my dreams are big I have to say that the reason I do what I do here isn’t for money or fame, but simply to help people learn and get the courage to find confidence to share their work.

Here on the site I do three main things

  • I share my Photos – Weekdays I share photography from my travels.
  • I share Your Photos – Sundays I have a photo share series which I encourage you to check out and take part in.
  • I teach what I can – Between all the time I spend doing everything else I try and share my thoughts on photography related subjects, give pointers from time to time, and more recently I’ve begun a YouTube series focusing on editing photos in Lightroom.
  • Oh and I also have a great community site which I’d love for you to check out.

What Should You Do Now?


1.) Remember PhogropathyMountain Bike Reshoot-2

  • There’s nothing like forgetting that site that you visited the other day. I offer many ways to connect with me. Pick one or all of them now so you don’t leave here never to return again!
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Newsletter

2.) Experience Phogropathy

  • There are hundreds of photographs, tips and opinions on this site that I put out there for people like you to enjoy. I share what I share because I want to help others get better behind the camera I want to inspire others to take their cameras off their shelves and out into the world – so when I say experience Phogropathy I truly mean it.

3.) Contribute to PhogropathyMe-as-a-Ghost-1024x678

  • Community is key to a successful site. I’ve built this site as a way for other photographers to share their ideas – I allow comments on all my photos and posts and encourage you to join the forums as well.
4.) Become Featured on Phogropathy!
  • Are you a photographer looking to share your shots? Well each week I share some of my favorites that have been submitted to my Flickr Photo Share Group. The series “Phogropathy’s Photo Share” was launched in February of 2012 and has quickly become one of the most trafficked posts on my site each week. It’s great fun for me to see what everyone else is shooting and I know many people reading my site enjoy seeing these different perspectives as well.
  • Are you a writer looking to get some exposure? Phogropathy might be a small site, but it is growing and I want to be able to share as many helpful ideas as possible. Feel free to contact me about guest posting on my site. I’m always looking for new angles, and ideas on common topics!

Phogropathy’s Been Featured Numerous Times!MTB6.15.12.Upton_-650x367

I began guest posting for sites around the web on photography related subjects towards the tail end of 2011 with this post on DPS

After that things kind of snowballed and in 2012 I wrote a handful of guest posts for DPS and a few other sites.

In July of 2013 I was hired as a full-time writer for Digital Photography School and contribute 3-5 posts per month. Here’s what I’ve written since being hired.

Having been featured on such a highly trafficked site it’s allowed me to meet some great people, grow my reach, and has certainly enabled me to keep the motivation to keep Phogropathy going. If you’d like me to write or speak for you or your organization contact me here and I’ll see if I can make it work!

Finally – How Does Phogropathy Make Money?


At this point in time, the bulk of the money being put into Phogropathy’s development has been out of my own pocket. That being said I do have a couple ads served by Google’s Adsense branch on my site and from time to time I’ll write posts like 10 Awesome Photography Gifts You Can Give Any Photographer for Under $100 which contain affiliate links to

I’ve also recently launched an on-site store for print sales which will directly help support the site. I will also be unveiling a premium membership service in September for those who want more help with their photography.

All the money that is earned through advertisements, affiliate sales, print sales and by any other means related to this site goes directly back into the site. As I currently work a full time job my goal for Phogropathy is for it to be able to fund itself whatever is leftover from expenses I will put back into the site to help grow it and make it better.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, my site and what I’m doing here – I hope you’ll be back again soon!