An Old Style Paper Sunset

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Daily Photo – An Old Style Paper Sunset

Old Paper Texture Sunset Photo

I recently made the conscious decision to go through my archives and do a spring cleaning – Do you ever do this? In the last year I’ve imported nearly 7000 photographs into Lightroom – many of which I’ve outgrown as a photographer. I figure that in order to become better streamlined I need to trash the shots that I know I’ll never use and then work on the ones that I want to share.

I’ve also made the decision to really start working on some different processing techniques like the textured photograph above and theĀ one I shared yesterday. I really like the idea of adding different layers and blending them together. While I’ll still love to share more straight up landscape scenes, these textured photos give me the opportunity to really put a unique spin on my photography. I hope you like it!

As always, thank you for your visit, I hope you’ll return again soon!

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  1. Another awesome texture shot sir. Good work on this.

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