Awesome Photography Gifts Under $50 Even Your Grandmother Can Buy

Okay, anyone interested in photography, or anyone who knows anyone interested in photography, knows that buying gear gets expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find fun gifts for your photographer friend on a tight budget.
Not only have I come up with some great gifts for photographers under 50 dollars, but the best thing about the gifts on this list is that you need to know almost nothing about photography to get a great gift for your friend!

6 Awesome Gifts for Photographers Under $50 That Even Your Grandmother Can Buy!

1.) Canon Lens Coffee Mug or Nikon Lens Coffee Mug
Gifts under $50 for photographers
You might not be able to afford the professional level camera lens, but these nifty little coffee mugs are a great alternative. Just make sure you know which brand  of camera your photographer friend shoots with because getting Canon coffee mug for a Nikon shooter might send the wrong message during the holidays.

2.) Canon DSLR Piggy Bank
gifts for photographers under 50 dollars
Every aspiring photographer needs a place to save their pennies and what better place then a piggy bank shaped like that DSLR you can’t afford to buy for them. Maybe one day your friend will stash enough coins in this little thing to buy the real thing for himself?

3.) A Simple Camera Charm
gifts for photographers  under 50 dollars
Charms are an awesome way to go – even if they don’t own a bracelet they might be willing to attach the charm to their camera bag. After all it could bring luck and protection to their thousands of dollars of equipment beyond the padded walls. Plus who doesn’t like shiny things?

4.) Photography T-Shirt
gifts for photographers under 50 dollars
Another great gift for a photographer is a t-shirt that depicts their passion of photography in a clever and fun way. Some of them can get a bit more on the crude side of humor, but it’s all for fun and laughs right?.

5.) Bumper Stickers
gifts for photographers under 50 dollars
Does your photographer friend own a car? Maybe they’d love to show people how much they love their craft? Makes for a great stocking stuffer.

6.) 50 Dollar Gift Card
gifts for photographers
If all else fails you can always get them a gift card to Amazon or any other camera shop. Sure it’s not going to buy them their next lens, but they might be able to get a filter or an SD Card or even use it towards their next major purchase.

Have a Higher Budget?

You can check out this post I wrote for with gifts under $100 in mind. Or if you are independently wealthy or just won the lottery you could go about purchasing a professional level lens or maybe the newest DSLR for your friend, but you better know a little about their style of photography and what they own, otherwise you may get them a very expensive dust collector.
In the list above I tried to present you with ideas that even a non-photographer would be comfortable buying for their photography obsessed friend. These gifts ideas are more for the fun side of giving than what I would consider a serious gift, but sometimes that’s all your friend really wants anyway.

What other gifts for photographers can you add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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