Back From Italy – Piazza della Pilotta

After a few days of being completely without internet I’m finally back behind the computer catching up on all things Phogropathy. Happy to see that everything is still in one piece!

Daily Photo – Piazza della Pilotta

Phogropathy's Photos: Italy &emdash;

While I was able to take a few photos here and there I was fairly unsuccessful at capturing Italy in the way that I’d hoped. My first day there was spent working until early evening resulting in 36 hours without sleep. Then, after only a few hours of sleep on Wednesday, it was off to do the demo for which I was sent to Italy. The demo was a huge success, but after the demo (probably due to a release of stress) I crashed in my hotel for most of the afternoon and early evening after which I was taken out to a great dinner and shown around the city of Parma (however I did not bring my camera as I didn’t think it’d be very professional of me to do this).

Finally on Friday I was given a few hours to myself where I did manage to get out into Parma and do a bit of shopping. I was also able to captured a few photographs of the city, one of which is the one featured above. From what I could gather the building is part of the, Piazza della Pilotta, which translates to Square of Pilotta.

There is so much cool architecture in these old cities and I am a bit disappointed in myself for not coming away with more than a handful of photographs to share. I’ll be sharing the rest of my Italy adventure throughout the week here on Phogropathy – stay tuned!

4 Responses to Back From Italy – Piazza della Pilotta

  1. Cheryl Garrity says:

    Every time I see photos of Italy, I am envious. I lived there for a couple of years very many years ago. I haven’t been back since then. As you look though you photographs, I hope you find a few more gems. I love the composition on this one.

    • Phogropathy says:

      Thanks Cheryl – For the very short time I was there I really enjoyed Italy quite a lot! I hope to find some more gems in the collection of photographs that I was able to grab, but good news is it does look like I might be making another trip there in a couple months so I’ll get a second shot at grabbing some more photos. :)

  2. Clockdoc says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Clockdoc said

    Welcome back!

    Thanks Lee – it’s good to be home!

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