Backyard Startrails

Oh yes, it definitely feels like a Monday.

I was extremely busy this weekend working out some of the final details of my new website design and I’m really excited to show it to you. I’m hoping to have it up and running by October 1st 2012, but if you want a sneak peak, head over to my Facebook Page and check out this photo.

Daily Photo – Backyard Startrails

Backyard Startrails
Ever since I captured this photograph of the stars falling over the lake house¬†this past July I have been feeling the urge to try capturing this kind of photograph again. However, living in a part of the country surrounded by large cities light pollution is a real problem for me and I just don’t know where I can go to get away from it.

So rather than trying to find a location close by that I can maybe get a slice of the sky without too much in the way of light pollution I thought it’d be best to just try capturing star trails in my own backyard. This gives me the opportunity to learn about how different settings effect this style of photography as well as help me learn how to speed up my own post processing workflow for when I do end up in the middle of no where on a new moon night again.

Even though this is technically a practice photograph I hope that you like it! Thanks for visiting Phogropathy.

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