Before Sandy…

The wind has picked up to a steady strong breeze and rain has started to fall even though the storm is well off the coast of North Carolina hundreds of miles south of my location.

Sandy is going to be one of those storms people talk about for decades, all future storms will be compared to this one, and we may never see anything quite like this again in our lifetimes. That being said I was able to get out and photograph some of the wooded areas along the Blackstone River this morning to get a picture of what the landscape was like before Sandy comes through. I hope – it doesn’t change much.

Before Sandy…

As you can see from this shot taken at about 7am this morning (36 hours before landfall) the clouds were already starting to look menacing. To all those in the path of the storm, I truly hope you have everything you need to ride it out, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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