Bird Waits For an Opening at the Feeder

Well we are starting into the second half of August and summer is surely starting to wind down. So I ask you….

What was your favorite part of summer 2012? Maybe you have a favorite photograph that you took? Or a favorite place that you visited? Comment below and let me know!

(For those of you from below the equator I suppose you can reverse the question and either answer – what are you most looking forward to in your soon to be arriving summer season or what was your favorite part of your winter?).

Daily Photo – Bird Waits For an Opening at the Feeder

While I was at my parents last weekend I spent a good amount of time watching the birds come to the feeders. My parents have had feeders for years and the birds from all over the neighborhood flock to them so I didn’t really have to wait very long between shots.

For this shot the feeders were completely full and all this guy could do was wait his turn while the other birds chowed down. As he was sitting there I swear he saw me photographing him and started to turn his head all different ways, almost as if he was saying “wait, get this side! It’s my good side!”. Do those of you who photograph wildlife ever feel that sometimes the animals actually know they’re being photographed and work with you perfectly?

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