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Blue Eyed Dog

Happy Sunday everyone. As you probably noticed I’ve updated my header image again as I continue to play around with what I want it to ultimately look like – I’d like to know what you think! Do you like it better, worse or are you indifferent? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Weekly iPhoneography – Blue Eyed Dog

I heard someone was getting jealous because I kept featuring Annie on my site last week. Well I couldn’t just let her continue to be jealous after all she is my baby! So yes, Riley can relax now, she’s being featured in today’s iPhoneography photo!

Hope you all like this fun capture. I’ll be back tomorrow with another shot from my portrait session I started to share with you last week.

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One Response to “Blue Eyed Dog”

  1. This portrait is just lovely. She’s a beautiful model.

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