Don’t Forget the Little Things

What does photography mean to you? As a photographer? As a viewer of photographs?

As a photographer, to me, photography is a creative release. It’s something that gets me to go to places I’ve never seen, and it has helped me find something to keep my mind busy. As a viewer of photographs, photography is a powerful inspirer and emotional stimulus. What about you – comment below!

Daily Photo – Don’t Forget the Little Things

When I was out in my back yard trying to capture some more hummingbird photographs I managed to find some other subjects to photograph instead. One of those subjects was this fellow relaxing in the sun.

It’s always important not to get tunnel vision when you head out to photograph nature. If you’re going out specifically looking for that one shot you might end up not coming home with anything at all. Whenever I venture out with my camera sure I’ll have some goals in mind, but I’m always open to what nature throws in front of my lens. I’d suggest that you operate the same way as mother nature is one unpredictable and uncontrollable source and it’s just unwise to expect that she’ll conform to your needs.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s photo!

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