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Earlier this week I started testing out a new loyalty program created by a company called Punchtab and if you’ve visited Phogropathy in the last few days you may have noticed a rewards badge in the lower right hand corner as well as points being added for your visits.

Well like everything I do here that has an effect on the readers of the site I like to give an overview of what it does and how it effects all of you so feel free to read through this and of course let me know what you think about it by commenting on this post!

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What is Punchtab?

Think of it like one of those tickets you get from a local sub-shop. Each time you buy a sub you get your ticket punched, after you earn 9 punches in your ticket you get a 10th sub for free! Punchtab has basically created this type of program for blogs and other websites by offering points to loyal and active visitors.

How Does it Work?

You’ll need a Facebook account to authenticate yourself. I know not everyone likes Facebook, but this is how Punchtab has set up the registration. They have valid reasons behind their requests – namely the protection against abuse. While it is unfortunate for those who do not use or like Facebook – the vast majority of people do have an account and should be fine!

How Do I Earn Points?

It’s simple! Just do things you normally would do here on Phogropathy.com and you’ll be earning yourself up to 400 points in a day.

  • 100 points for visiting! – All you have to do is remember to check out my new photo each and every day that’s pretty simple right?
  • 100 points for tweeting! – While they don’t accept twitter as a registration platform they will let you earn points if you have a twitter account so click that tweet button and tell your friends about today’s post!
  • 100 points for liking! – Like a photo? Like it on Facebook by clicking the button at the top of the post and you’ll earn points.
  • 100 points for +1’s – Maybe you’re into the new tech savvy social network of Google Plus. Well Guess what you can earn points for clicking that +1 button as well!

Keep in mind you’re only awarded points once for each action per day so don’t go liking every one of my 300+ posts thinking you’re going to get over 30,000 points. It doesn’t work like that! Simply visit and share once a day, and you’ll be well on your way!

What are Points Good For?

Currently I am using Punchtab’s default catalog of prizes which includes a simple selection of three decent prizes. They have said that they are currently working to add more prizes to the list, but are committed to providing value over quantity and I don’t blame them! So the current list of prizes is as follows:

  • 5 Dollar Amazon Gift Card
  • 10 Dollar Zynga.com Game Card – (Awesome if you’re addicted to FarmVille!)
  • 15 Dollar Groupon Gift Card

So while the prizes aren’t anything spectacular they are working on other prizes as well. I’d love to see iTunes gift cards get thrown in here or even other retail stores like Best Buy, but in the mean time, you’re earning points for being a loyal fan of my little photoblog.

However, that’s not all, you’ll also get bragging rights!

The Leaderboard

As you and all the other visitors to Phogropathy earn points the points are stored within the Facebook app that Punchtab has you authorize upon registration. If you click on the rewards badge in the lower right hand corner it will bring up a popup menu displaying the points leaders for the last 30 days as well as your position in the pack. Can you get to the top?

So Now I Ask – What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new rewards/loyalty program. Is this something you’ll be participating in – maybe even adding it to your own site?

I’ve found through my first year of blogging that one of the most difficult things to do is getting people to share your content, especially when you have a small following, but Punchtab solves this by providing rewards for your loyal and active visitors for doing just that!

So comment below and let me know how you feel about it and if you’re going to implement it into your own website!

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    • says

      Yes they do allow for custom rewards, but once you create custom rewards you’re on your own to cover the cost of whatever you’re willing to give away. The “default rewards” are provided by Punchtab which is nice for those of us on limited budgets.

      They do also offer a giveaway add-on as well which lets you offer one time prizes to readers for doing certain actions. Which is something I’m looking into for Phogropathy in the near future!

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Robyn!

      So far so good Punchtab is an awesome idea for a business model as there are millions of websites out there trying to get traction. Of course, if and when every blog is giving out points for visitors, we’re back to square one. Glad I’m in early on this one!

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