Edited with Pixlromatic

There are a ton of apps for the iPhone which provide the ability for you to change the look and feel of your photos. These photographs can either be shots that you’ve taken with a camera and imported into your iPhone using email or the new iCloud and Photostream.

While today’s Photo wasn’t taken with the iPhone I still had fun using an app called Pixlromatic to edit it and add a bit of interest to the shot. While this style certainly will be jarring to some, it’s more about fun and creativity than providing a realistic landscape shot.

Daily Photo – Edited with Pixlromatic

pixlromatic photo

This is not a review, and nor do I plan a review of this app, it’s just something I picked up for free on the app store one day and hadn’t really played around with it all that much. Overall it’s just like the many other apps out there, with nothing to unique about it from what I can see in an initial play around.

If you’ve used this app feel free to share links to some of your photos in the comments below!

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