The Engine in Color

Last week I posted a shot of this airplane engine in black and white, well, on that post I received a comment asking for a color version for comparison. I’m always happy to receive comments asking for different versions of photographs I post here and I’ll do my best to accommodate any requests – so please feel free to ask!

With that in mind – today’s photograph is the color version of that black and white shot from last week – which do you like better?

Daily Photo – The Engine in Color

Airplane Engine Color Photo

The main reason I converted this image to black and white in the original image was two fold.

  1. I just like the way the black and white processing works with chrome, metal, and the like.
  2. I shot this at a rather high ISO and thus by removing color I was able to remove some of the noise that was created in the original shot. To remove noise in the color version I had to really amp up the noise removal software.

As I asked above, now it’s your turn, which do you like better? Comment and let me know!

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