Go Away I’m Sleeping!

Are you a morning person or do you feel like this panda if someone tries talking to you before noon?

As for me, I wake up with almost no problem most of the time, all I need is a cup of coffee and I’m good to go.

Daily Photo – Go Away I’m Sleeping

There was so much smudging on the glass that it was nearly impossible to get a truly sharp shot, but I did what I could as I really wanted to capture the poor guy covering his face trying to get some shut eye. Even though I’m a morning person, I’ve definitely had days where I just want to sleep away the time as I’m sure just about everyone has.

Thanks, as always, for visiting Phogropathy – I’d love it if you’d share this or any one of the photographs featured on this site with your own friends and family!

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  1. Janine says

    I need a couple cups of coffee and a couple hours to truly get moving in the morning. I am definitely the sleepy panda!
    PS the shot came out SO good!!!

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