Halloween Photography Inspiration

*Updated for 2013*

Halloween, as you might know, is one of my favorite holidays, and I really want to share some great Halloween themed photographs with you. While every year I’ve been adding to my own collection of Halloween photos I thought I’d instead spend some time finding interesting shots on Flickr to share with you..

I tried to find as many different kinds of photos that fit into the theme of Halloween in hopes to inspire you to create your own photographs this season. From foggy roads to creepy clowns to fields of pumpkins Halloween is so much more than just candy and costumes!

I hope you enjoy these photos and I truly hope that they may inspire you to take some of your own Halloween themed shots – if you do please share them in the comments below or better yet over in the forum!

Please Enjoy These Awesome Halloween Themed Photos!

Halloween Photography Inspiration
Photo By: Sara_Morrison
Autumn Remains 2 ... (IN EXPLORE FRONTPAGE and Rank #1)
Photo By: Onironauta…
Happy Halloween Season Flickr!
Photo By: Dave Smith
Balvaird Castle
Photo By: Angus Clyne
Tonight's Moon
Photo By: Ash
Memorial Day: A Hymn To Our Fallen Heroes.
Photo By: J.T. Noriega
Photo By: Lisa
Web of Lights
Photo By: Kirk
Spooked her ways into your dreams
Photo By: Anna Theodora

A Big Thank You

To all the photographers featured above. Your photos are spectacular and I’m honored to be able to share them with my readers! There are so many ways that the subject of Halloween can be photographed and I wanted to try and capture everything from ghostly figures, to haunted houses, to jack-o-lanterns, and even simple foggy pathways to help inspire people to take great photos this Halloween season. I think your photos have really enabled me to do just that so thanks for allowing me the privalge of using them on my site!

And Now, Over to You

Go head, get out and take some Halloween photos. Share them with me during the season and I’ll reshare some of my favorites over the next few weeks on Facebook and Twitter as well as in an upcoming Phogropathy’s Photo Share!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Oh – and before you leave – don’t forget to share this post with your friends and help inspire more people to take great photos of the season.

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