Happy Birthday America

This time last year I was enjoying sun on a beach in Florida, I’m not quite as lucky this year, but I will still be enjoying the day off with some good old BBQ and relaxation. I hope you have time to do the same!

Daily Photo – Happy Birthday America

2012 Fireworks and Light Trails
I was able to capture quite an interesting photograph for the fourth, in my opinion, so I hope you agree!

The Story

My girlfriend happens to live on a hill not far from where the town fireworks are held so we were able to stand at her driveway and enjoy the show. I set up my tripod on the sidewalk and aimed down the hill framed to capture just the fireworks. I soon realized that the busy street, and power lines, weren’t exactly as conducive to capturing great photographs as I’d imagined… so I switched my game plan – Why not capture the traffic as well!?

The Setup

I switched out my telephoto for my standard 18-105 lens and framed the shot to include the traffic as well as the exploding balls of fire. I then made sure to dial the ISO all the way down to 100 and the aperture was pushed all the way to f/22 to create the longest possible exposure while maintaining a relatively dark photograph. I manually focused, as best I could, knowing that at f/22 it wasn’t going to matter too much if I wasn’t dead on. Next step was wait for cars to be traveling in both directions and fireworks to be exploding in the sky….and CLICK.

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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