How Does a Sunrise Failure Turn Into A Keeper?

This location is one of my favorites to photograph and there are many shots that you might have seen of this dock. My first explore on Flickr, a snowy sunrise, and an iPhone Panorama all were taken here. I know this location is beautiful at sunrise, so yesterday I went here around 6:30am to wait for the sunrise and hopefully get something spectacular.

Well, unfortunately my planned dramatic sunrise never came. The clouds ended up getting thicker just in time for sunrise, so I wasn’t able to get all that much color and I was left returning home a bit disappointed thinking I’d wasted the morning, but was it really a waste?

How Does a Sunrise Failure Turn Into A Keeper?

How does a sunrise failure turn into a keeper?

I suppose not…

This might not have been exactly the shot I was planning to get, but it’s important to remember you can’t control what your landscape subjects do. The clouds moved in a bit too fast for me to catch the dramatic sky that I wanted, but this shot I took while I was setting up was able to capture those moving clouds and combine with the long shutter speed of this exposure I think the dramatic gray sky really is something special in and of itself.

So to answer the question: How does a sunrise failure turn into a keeper? – It’s really mostly about not giving up, take your shots, and hope for the best. You can’t control what mother nature gives you, but it’s your job as a photographer to make the best image that you can from what she does. This image might not have been what I envisioned, but I really do like it and I hope you do as well.

What about your thoughts? Do you ever just give up and think that nature has completely destroyed your plan to find out that she’s actually given you something beautiful instead or do you simple pack up and leave when things aren’t working out?

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