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Lightroom is an amazing piece of software that allows you to take creative control over how your images are processed. When editing your photos with Lightroom you have the power to correct for white balance, exposure, sharpness, contrast and so much more than a basic editing program like iPhoto. You can correct for lens and camera defects, remove dust spots, and even get artistic and add some creative effects to truly set your images apart from the pack.

With Lightroom you have a ton of control over how your photography will be presented to your audience, but with all that control comes a lot of questions. Let’s Edit is designed to help answer those questions through practical real world demonstration.

With the Let’s Edit series I show you how to use the tools that Lightroom offers in an easy to understand way. Every week or two I use one of my own photographs as an example and run through the process of editing the image from start to finish for you. Not only do I show you what I do in the videos, but I try to explain why I’m doing it along the way.
I keep the tutorials fast paced and to the point so you can get back to your own photos faster, but I don’t want them to be so short that I’m rushing through things or leaving out important details.
I truly hope you’re interested in what I’m doing here and while I am not asking for anything in return for the information that I share I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up for my newsletter using the form to the right and share the videos with anyone you think might find them useful.

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