I Finally Caught a Hummingbird!

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Daily Photo – I Finally Caught a Hummingbird!

I Finally Caught a Hummingibrd
Okay I didn’t actually catch a hummingbird, but I did manage to photograph it. These birds are so fast and rarely stop which makes them extremely difficult to get into frame let alone have in focus. It makes it especially difficult when you’re using a budget telephoto with a mediocore focus rate. On top of all the technical difficulties one wrong move and these shy animals will be gone at a moment’s notice leaving you with nothing but an empty flower patch to photograph.

This photograph is cropped down quite a bit and I accidently forgot to check my settings so it was shot at ISO 5000. Of course, being that I had it set at ISO 5000, my shutter speed was a super fast 1/2000th of a second allowing me to freeze the birds wings in flight!

I guess this is just another example of how good the D7000 is at high ISO photography.

I only wish that it wasn’t such a dry summer here in New England so that there weren’t so many dead flowers in the photo.

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  1. Beth says

    Nice capture, John! I can’t get the hummingbirds to go to the flowers. They make a quick appearance at the feeder but they haven’t been around much this year.

    • says

      Aw, yeah I haven’t seen them much this year either, I don’t have a feeder though just a few bushes with some really tempting flowers for them. It’s just been so dry that my flowers aren’t doing very well and I have a feeling that’s what’s caused the lack of hummingbirds and butterflies this year :(

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