I Love Blown Glass

Happy Sunday hope all is going well with all you folks – Spring is just around the corner – Who’s excited?

Starting today I’ll be categorizing all my iPhone photography under the globally acceptable iPhoneography category. As regular readers of Phogropathy know each Sunday I share a snap shot taken with the iPhone 4S camera – I hope you’re liking the shots so far!

Weekly iPhoneography – I Love Blown Glass

Camera Awesome Photo - Blown Glass Lamp

I’m always amazed by the intricacies that blown glass can create, while this lamp at PF Changs isn’t necessarily the most intricate I’ve seen, it was still cool enough for me to take my iPhone out and look like a crazy person while I sat at my table after a Mia Ti or two trying to keep the phone steady enough while I snapped the shot – thankfully I was using my new Camera Awesome app which has a digital stability mode! (Read my Camera Awesome Review now).

I hope you like the shot and I hope you’ll return to Phogropathy again in the future!

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