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I’ll Hum You a Lullaby

Yep, it’s Monday again – but at least I’ve got some new photos to share with you!

Of course, before we get started with today’s photo, I just wanted to make sure you saw yesterday’s photo share? I can’t believe it’s been going for 24 weeks and the photos keep getting better and better – check it out – and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Daily Photo – I’ll Hum You a Lullaby

Hummingbird at flower photo

Last week I finally caught a hummingbird and that photograph was so well received on Facebook that I thought I’d try and do it again! So last night, I went to my parents for dinner, and I managed to get some great shots of one of their hummingbirds as he went about gathering the last of the nectar from the dying Bee Balm.

Again, to freeze the wings of the bird, I used a relatively high ISO (4000) allowing me a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second – just goes to show how well the Nikon D7000 does with noise management at high ISO settings.

I played around with a few different edits of this photograph, if you want to see the others, stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter as I will be sporadically sharing them exclusively to those mediums throughout the week.

Thank you for making time to visit Phogropathy – I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.

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One Response to “I’ll Hum You a Lullaby”

  1. AMAZING! and I really like the title of the post. Very creative.

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