iPhone 4Sunday – First Photo

Hey everyone happy Sunday hope you’re having a nice weekend. As many of you probably know I’ve just received my iPhone 4S and on top of being completely addicted to Siri and her sense of humor I did get out and experiment with the very impressive camera for a little while.

From this point forward Sunday will feature a shot taken and edited exclusively with the iPhone 4S the only edit I’ll make outside the phone is to add my watermark to the image. I have a few different camera apps as well as some apps I can use for editing photos so I’ll try to remember to let you know in the description what was used to create the shot.

Daily Photo – First iPhone 4S Photo

One of the first shots I took with the phone was at night outside my house. There was a street light overhead and my house’s front light was on as well, but it was still fairly dark, yet I still had the flash turned off on this shot.

I used Camera+ to take the photo and do some edits as well as an app called Snapseed for further edits.

Hope you like this photo and are looking forward to more iPhone shots in the coming weeks, because I know I’m looking forward to taking them as it really makes you think differently about composing a shot.

Flowers with iPhone 4S

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