iPhoneography Week! – Ice Cream

I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 6 last night and started playing around with some of the new features, most notably the panorama mode, I’ll be posting some panoramas as soon as I get a chance to give it a solid test.

However, until then we’re still going to be continuing on with my iPhoneography week here on Phogropathy.

Daily Photo – Ice Cream

Snapseed Selective Color

I’ll admit that this photograph isn’t perfect, but it’s an indication as to how powerful Snapseed is. By using the selective tuning mode I was able to drop the saturation of the wall and raise the saturation of the two signs resulting in an image which really draws the attention to where I wanted it to be drawn.

Could you do a better job of this in Photoshop? Sure you could, you could probably do a better job of this within Snapseed itself. The point here is to show you how versatile Snapseed really is at editing photographs right on your iPhone and why it’s 100% worth the $4.99 price on the AppStore.

I hope you’re enjoying this week of iPhone photos be sure to check out the last few days if you’ve missed them.

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