Late Winter Sunset

Yesterday I mentioned that daylight savings time would allow me the opportunity to get out and take photos after work again – well guess what – that’s exactly what I did yesterday!

Inspiration – Late Winter Sunset

Phogropathy's Photos: Sunset and Sunrise &emdash;

So where did I go for my first foray back into photography since the start of 2014? One of my favorite local lookouts – Lookout Rock – which offers a great vantage point of the Blackstone River valley. The sun was setting  into some low clouds on the horizon, which appear almost like a mountain silhouette, but I knew once the sun was behind those clouds the light would be gone for good. Of course with the sun still being higher in the sky the true sunset colors weren’t as dramatic as I’d hoped they’d be – but I still enjoy the final image and hope you do as well.

Lookout Rock is a beautiful location, but it’s something that even a wide angle lens can’t do justice. This photograph is made up of 21 single exposures, seven sets of three bracket HDR portrait shots which gives it a final resolution of 7710×4024 and some very impressive detail. The settings I used for the shot were f/9, ISO 100, 11mm, +/- 2 for the brackets.

For more on this technique read Creating HDR Panoramic Photographs Part 1 – Capturing the Images a guest post by Dan Villeneuve that goes over a very similar process of taking multiple bracket sets and stitching them together with Photoshop to make hugely detailed HDR panoramic images.

Overall I’m very pleased with the end result, but I’m just so happy I was able to get back out there and dust off the camera. It’s been too long!


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  1. steve priebe says

    Beautiful, John. Clearly, there was no rust from your forced hiatus. How far from your home is this location? There’s just enough snow to complement the rock. And the bit of color in the conifer is just what the image needs to give it more interest. Was this panorama taken with the camera in portrait mode? How quickly did you take the series of 21 photos? I know it can be difficult to get the images to align well when the sun is setting and the clouds are moving. Great job, and I’m glad you managed to make time to get out.

  2. says

    Thanks for the compliments Steve to answer your questions.

    The location is less than 10 minutes drive from my house and then about a 5-10 minute walk through the woods. It’s a popular spot in the summer months, although I’ve rarely been there alone at sunset even on this colder day in late winter there was a couple and their young child who stopped by as well as another man who told me he keeps all his pictures up in his head.

    Yes it was 7 portrait shots that I panned from right to left to take. I took them fairly quickly probably in less than five minutes using the three frame bracketing of the D7000 and the interval timer to fire off all three brackets nearly instantaneously it didn’t take long.

    Again – thanks for the compliments – happy that I was able to get out! :)

  3. says

    Lovely photo, John.

    I Googled the location for other pictures taken from the same location. Yours is the only one taken this early in the year – the others have no snow. I think you nailed it choosing this time of year. The snow adds a lot of interest – of course this remark comes for a guy living in Melbourne Australia where it has never snowed.

    Nice work!


  4. steve priebe says


    I guess we think alike, because I also looked for other pictures of this area and, like you, I think this one is the best. None of the others have the punch that John’s does. That bit of snow and the color from the evergreens is perfect.

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