Let’s Edit #6 – Mirrored

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Edit where we learn how to edit photos in Lightroom. This week we are going to look at what went into creating one of my most popular photographs from 2012 – Mirrored.

How to edit photos in Lightroom - Let's Edit

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom – Let’s Edit #6 Mirrored

As you can see from the before picture this was a photograph of a plan scene without much interest at all. The foreground was dingy and unattractive and the sky was fairly boring as well. My thinking in creating this shot was to try and blow everything out except for the trees and their reflections add a creative crop in Lightroom and end up with something amazing.

In the video I focus mainly on bringing the whites up, deepening the blacks and punching the contrast through the roof. I really wanted this image to draw the viewer into the reflection of the trees on the water so I created a foggy white vignette to compliment the photograph.

I hope you enjoy this Let’s Edit video and if you’d like to help me out please consider sharing it by using one of the buttons at the top of this post. If you have any questions or feedback leave a comment below.

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