Let’s Edit #7 – Double Yellow

Here we are again another Let’s Edit video – this week we’re looking at creating selective color photos in Lightroom. I am getting a lot of great feedback on this Let’s Edit series which is encouraging and I’ve begun to sell the photographs that I use in the videos if you’re interested in editing along with me. You can also get them for free if you’d like to join the full access membership.

Selective Color in Lightroom

Creating Selective Color Photos in Lightroom

This week we’re looking at a pretty simple photograph and we’re going to try and make it more interesting by adding a simple selective color edit to it using only Lightroom to do so.

There’s a lot of controversy around selective color, some photographers love it, others think it’s a fad that will die with time, but whatever your stance on it I think it’s important to at least know how to achieve it in case it’s requested by a client. While Lightroom isn’t the ideal solution for creating selective color images, it can be done with a bit of trickery.

To create the selective color effect in Lightroom what we will basically be doing is working in the HSL tab and reducing the saturation of all the colors we don’t want included within our photograph. We can, if we want to, increase the saturation of the color that we are choosing to effect, but that’s going to be a personal preference. To clean up the rest of the photograph you’ll have to go over everything with an adjustment brush set at -100 for saturation. This will desaturate everything, including the color you want to keep, so make sure you don’t brush over the areas of the photograph you want to remain in color.

Watch the video for the entire process from start to finish and please share this post if you found it helpful!

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