Let’s Edit #8 – Cloning in Lightroom

Let’s Edit Is Evolving!

Let’s Edit is continuing to attract more and more people and I’m really excited about this series. In the coming weeks I will be launching a new branch to the Let’s Edit series focusing on editing reader submitted photographs. The basic idea behind this new branch would be that readers would submit to me a RAW photograph and I would then put it through my Lightroom workflow similar to how you’ve seen me edit my own photographs each week in this series.

Of course for this to work I need submissions – So I’m hoping you can help me out!

I’m currently just testing the waters so to speak to see if there’s much interest in a series like this. So if you are interested in having one of your photographs edited on the show please email me using this contact forum – I will return the email within 24 hours (usually much sooner) with instructions on how to submit your photo.

Let’s Edit #8 – How Cloning Works in Lightroom

Let's Edit #8

This week on Let’s Edit I am doing something a bit different by focusing mainly on one technique of Lightroom editing and that is the spot removal tool. The main reason for this video is that I was recently asked about how cloning works in Lightroom and thought that it’d be good to go over this subject in a bit more detail.

Once you open the spot removal tool there are two options: clone and heal – which I’ll explain in the video. To demonstrate how this tool can be used I do my best to quickly remove a very in the way German Shepard from the scene.

As always I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something from it. Please take a second to click like on the video as it’ll help YouTube know that my content is worth watching – Thanks for visiting!

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