Lightroom Editing Workflow – Let’s Go Over-the-top

Let’s Edit is a weekly(ish) series here on Phogropathy where I take you through my Lightroom editing workflow on various photographs of mine. Some weeks feature specific tips, while others like this week, focus on simply having some fun and seeing what I can create.


Lightroom Editing Workflow – Over the Top Tips

This week’s photo is one of my favorite captures from my trip to Italy late last year. It was taken atop an overlooking park which allowed me to get to the vantage point of this main road through Bologna, Italy.

The photograph was originally a little under-exposed and I did this somewhat by intention in order to preserve as much detail in the sky as I could. It was just after sunset, so it was dark out, but there were still hints of color left in the sky which I wanted to capture in the photo.

The process for today’s photo might be a little over the top for some, but it’s always fun to see where things will lead. I do find that this kind of photograph – buildings and lots of colors – works well for going over-the-top and that’s the main reason for the choice here. Hope you enjoy the edit!

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  1. Shari says

    I absolutely love your videos! Since you’ve covered so much in Lightroom now, are you considering doing the same with Photoshop? I don’t know about other people, but I’m really lost in PS!

  2. Nubia Richman says

    I worke on this last image in RAW but have no clue on downlowading it, I looked all over and I can’t see download directions. Please advise

    • says

      This image is available as part of the Community Editing project here on Phogropathy until March 13th. You can download it from the community editing page here on the site. Note: you must be a member of the forum and logged into the site to do so.

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