Looking Down

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Daily Photo – Looking Down

Looking Down at a Waterfall

I shared a different angle of this stream earlier this week which I really did like, it was pretty much the first angle I saw.

However, today I’m sharing one of the last angles I went for. This time I set up my camera on top of a small footbridge and aimed pretty much straight down at the water. It’s really amazing how many different angles there are to shoot a single scene and I encourage all of you to make sure that you don’t simply go with your first instinct when photographing something.

Sometimes your best shots will come from experimentation. I know personally I have grown so much as a photographer in the last few years and this is mainly due to my willingness to make sure to photograph the same subject many different ways. You will be surprised by the end result when you return to your computer!

Here’s a challenge for this weekend. Take your camera out and find two or three subjects you’ve photographed before. Try and create two different photographs with this same subject and then share them on my Facebook Timeline! Have fun :)

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