Love – An Experiment in Light Painting

Happy Friday folks hope you had a great week, I know after my week off this was a long one for me!

Today’s photograph is an experiment and I’m not really sure I like it, but I wanted to share it with you anyway to close out the week of night photography.

Daily Photo – Love – An Experiment in Light Painting

love - an experiment in light painting

About this Photo

So as you can tell this isn’t like the other four night photographs I shared with you earlier this week, there are no stars! What I did here was take two separate exposures and overlay them in photoshop to achieve the final result. I’m not really sure I like it so I’ll let you folks be the judge.

How’d I Do It?

As I said above I had two separate photographs which I then blended in photoshop to achieve the final photograph. The first photograph was a simple ‘ghost’ shot of a long exposure of the couple kissing inside a heart that we painted in the sand with water from the lake. I converted this to black and white to help reduce the noise in this photograph while still keeping the overall exposure if it on the brighter side.

love long exposure b&w

The second photograph that went into the image above was a shot in which I had my girlfriend paint the word “LOVE” over the heart with the LED light on my iPhone. I was using a 30 second exposure so as long as she moved fast enough while painting the word my camera wouldn’t pick her up, thus leaving the word floating there in mid-air. Because this photograph was shot in color using it as the “main” image in the final shot results in the final image being in color as the black and white image becomes more transparent.

love - light painting

All that was left was to bring both these images into Photoshop and use the blending option “overlay” to create the final image.

So… do you like it or are you unsure? Maybe you prefer one, or both, of the individual shots instead of the blended version? Comment and let me know your thoughts!

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