Marathon Monday

This year’s Boston Marathon certainly has a different meaning than years passed. With last year’s tragedy permanently marked in our memories it’s so encouraging to see this city get back on it’s feet for another 26.2 mile haul.

I originally thought that this tree of shoes along the marathon route was something constructed in memory of the events last year, but after stopping to take photos I learned that it is for an entirely different cause.


This tree of shoes is dedicated to Meg Menzies, who was hit by a drunk driver while out on her morning. It has been placed here, along the marathon route to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving as well as a memorial of sorts for Meg.


While the photograph of the entire was what I was initially there to photograph. I quickly switched over to my 50mm lens and decided that filling the frame with this sort of abstract collection of shoes was more interesting.

For more about Meg’s story you can read about it here on a Facebook page created for here memory.

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  1. Rafael Lago says

    Cool shots John, the second one looks like a grat wallpaper for people who likes to run, but these people don’t waste their time in front of the computer, like I do.

  2. steve priebe says

    I had two friends in last year’s race, fortunately not injured, but shaken up.  I’m glad this year was successful.  I was never fast enough to run in Boston, but it sounds like it would have been amazing.

  3. says

    Thanks guys – so relieved that everything went smoothly yesterday it was such a weird vibe leading up to the event with all the news coverage, they had such a beautiful day for it too.

    By never fast enough, I assume you did actually still run marathons? I can’t even imagine running for that long – my “daily” run which is more like a “whenever I feel motivated run” is about 2 miles. :)

  4. steve priebe says

    Yes, about ten years ago I decided to see if I had it in me to train for and run a marathon.  I had been running four miles fairly regularly during lunchtime at work, but had never had any desire to run a marathon.  In fact, I never really liked running; I only did it to make the things that I like to do, such as backpacking, skiing, and biking, easier.  I had three goals; to finish, to not be dead the next day, and to break four hours.  I accomplished the first two, but only managed a 4:06.  I would have needed about 20 minutes faster to qualify for Boston, but I wasn’t interested.  The training is definitely the worst part.  Everything goes on hold as you run 6 to 10 miles a day during the week and up to 20 miles on Saturday.  Sunday is a day off.  I think almost anyone can complete a marathon if they really want to put in the time training.  I ran a second to prove that the first wasn’t a fluke.

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