Off The Beaten Path

I’ve got a bit of a story for you today. Check out the photo and then keep reading below! :)

Daily Photo – Off The Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Finding the location for this particular shot required taking a “path” off the main trail in the forest. I put the word path in quotes, because this path was really nothing more than a clearing between some saplings.

It all started, after capturing this picnic table sunset photo that I showed you all on Tuesday. I was walking back to the trail head and I noticed a small path between some saplings which shortly lead me to a marked trail that I had no idea even existed – it’s not on the map.

Towards the end of this path there was an arrow painted on a tree pointing to the left, however just beyond that arrow I could see a campsite, which made its appearance in yesterday’s daily photo, so obviously, like any good character in a horror movie, I ignored the signs telling me to turn around and proceeded forward.

After capturing the campsite shots I started walking back, but for some reason turned around and noticed that at the other end of the campsite their was another small pathway through a bunch of saplings. Once again I followed the unmarked path…and this path lead me to the scene above!

So I guess the moral of the story is that it pays to explore a bit off the beaten path when you’re looking for different scenes. However, it’s something to do carefully and in areas you know well, as getting lost in a forest is an extremely easy thing to do!

Do you venture off the beaten path when finding your photographs? Share a link in the comments if you have captured something awesome when doing so!

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  1. What cool find sir. Nice shot with the light peeking through the trees.

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