Overexposure – Does it Work?

Happy Halloween everyone! If you missed it, check out my Halloween Photo Inspiration post from last week.

Daily Photo – Overexposed – Does it Work?

When it comes to photography, and more specifically learning how to take better photos, I really like to experiment with all aspects of taking photos. While I was taking photos this weekend I decided I’d try and take some longer exposures to purposefully overexpose the image a bit to see how it’d change the overall feel of the scene.

I do wish I did this experiment with the same exact scene, but if you were to check out my photo from earlier this week, Before Sandy…, you’ll notice how dark the sky actually was. (Note: these photos have been processed different in order to showcase the look I was going for).

What do you think – Does the blown out sky add interest to this shot or does it take away from the overall frame?

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