Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #18 Summertime!

Hello everyone! Welcome again to another one of Phogropathy’s Photo Shares. Last week I was just too busy to get this up and I apologize for that, but here we are, back at it!

When we last left off I had asked for photographs that fit into the summertime theme, well today, those photographs are being shared with all of you and I’ve come up with what I think will be a more interesting photo share formula going forward.

New Idea for Photos Shares

Seeing as I don’t want to completely control the submissions that you all are sending to me (I really like the free-style aspect of it), but I still want to bring a challenge out there to those who are willing to attempt it (after all challenge is how we grow as photographers). I thought I’d try and serve both areas…

Just as last time I’ll be leaving you with a theme to photograph over the next week, however, rather than picking four photographs that fit into that theme as I’ve done today, I’ll be featuring one single photograph from that theme.

I will however, continue to share a total of four photographs each week, the other three will continue to be randomly selected throughout the submissions I’ve been given and may or may not include those which fall in line with the recommended theme.

With this in mind – Next week’s challenge is… Simplicity or minimalistic photography. I’ll have an example later this week on the blog so stay tuned!

Now that that’s all taken care of – here are this week’s featured photos!

Phogropathy’s Photo Share #18 – Summertime

Photo By: Kyle-W
Waterloo Days Fireworks 2012 Photo By: dprudho
Photo By: Beth K
Photo By: Dr Ranjith Mehenderkar

Thanks for all the awesome submissions folks! I really enjoy seeing what you all are shooting week in week out and I love being able to share these photographs with the rest of the Phogropathy reader base.

Each week I like to remind everyone, new and old, that you too can take part in this series. All you need is a camera and the will to shoot some photographs. There are multiple ways to submit the photos.

Three Ways to Share Photos to Phogropathy’s Photo Share

This should pretty much give everyone a chance to share their photographs with me and potentially end up featured on Phogropathy’s blog. I hope to see more photographs in the coming weeks!

Oh yeah, finally, don’t forget to share this post with your friends – Especially those who take photographs as they may be interested in taking part in the challenge!

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