Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #21

Welcome to another edition of PPS, a weekly segment where I take a step back from the spotlight here on Phogropathy and showcase some of what my readers have been photographing over the last week or so.

Are you a photographer? I’d love for you to share your work with me!

You will always retain links back to the original image and it is always completely yours. By submitting your photos you grant me the permission to simply use it in relation to the PPS series and that is all. It is simply just another outlet to get some new eyes on what you’re doing and of course have a bit of fun while doing it.

It’s Simple to Share

I share four photos a week and I do my best to feature new artists as often as possible, but with the PPS series generating more than 50 submissions a week it’s getting harder and harder to showcase everyone’s work so if you don’t see your photo right away keep sharing and eventually you’ll make it.

Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #21

Photo By: loomie34 (From Flickr)
there she goes;
Photo By: SeyedAhmad Rahimi (From Facebook)
Lightning Photography
Photo By: Mihnea C (From Flickr)
Street storiesPhoto By: jlrminer (From Flickr)

As always, thank you all for your awesome submissions! There are so many photos that I can’t possibly share them all – but you can look in the Flickr Group Pool and take a minute to look at a much wider selection of what the readers here are shooting. It might even inspire you to get out and snap some of your own photos to share!

I’m always looking for new styles and new perspectives so if you haven’t submitted any photos yet, or haven’t sent any in in a while, please consider sending more my way.

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