Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #27

Here we are again my friends sharing some of the photos that you have taken over the last few weeks. I’m always excited to browse through your submissions and I’m grateful that you’re willing to share your shots with me!

Is this Your First PPS Visit?

If you’re new to the Phogropathy Photo Share you might be curious about exactly what it is and how it works. This series was designed to give some exposure to the readers of this site. Simply share your photographs with me and I’ll publish four of my favorites each week on my site!

You can share two ways

I look forward to seeing what you’re shooting and absolutely love the diversity of the shots that have been shared thus far! Keep ’em coming.

And now… PPS #26

Photo By: Beth K on Flickr
Fawn drinking from  a pond
Photo By: Bob_D on Flickr
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Photo By: Dave King on Flickr
Wales 16
Photo By: NightSkyMN
Ferris Wheel 2

Thank You So Much

You guys are making it extremely challenging to pick just four photographs to share and feature. Make sure you check out the rest of the submissions in the group pool on Flickr or scroll through Phogropathy’s Facebook Timeline and check out what other people are sharing there.

Remember, without you, this series couldn’t be possible so keep the photos coming. It’s also important that you take a second and share this post on your favorite social network. By sharing you’re helping more people see these four photographs as well as bringing more awareness to the PPS series.

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