Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #30

Welcome to the 30th weekly photo share, the time of the week where you take the spotlight!

Do You Want to Be Featured?

It’s easy to share your photos with me and I am always looking for new people to share shots so please consider taking the time to share with me!

Any photographs you share in these three areas will be eligible to be featured in a future PPS post. I enjoy the variety of styles and subjects that are shared on a regular basis and try my best to feature photographs from all genres. Not every shot will make it into a PPS post, but keep shooting and sharing, eventually you might see your photo right here!

And Now – PPS #30

Photo By: Debby Curtis on Flickr
resting Egret...

Photo By: msbootlegged on Flickr

Photo By: Beth K on Flickr
Mother nature's gems

Photo By: Lara Aislinn Salomon on Facebook

Once again I’d just like to thank everyone for their submissions it’s so amazing to see how many people and how many different styles of photography are shared with me every week. I love to look through these groups and get to know each of your own styles and interests – it’s truly amazing.

I encourage anyone who reads this to share their own photography, and of course, I’d urge you all to share this post with your friends and family as that way more people will be able to see these wonderful photos – after all I can only share it so far, but if you share it then it’s bound to reach many many more people.

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