Phogropathy’s Photo Share – #33

Wow! You made it extremely hard to pick only four photographs this week – see some of the other new submissions here. Fall seems to have really inspired many of you to take some great shots so I decided to make this week’s PPS a fall themed set, which did help me narrow it down a bit!

What is the Photo Share Series?

This is a weekly Sunday post where I take the time to share four photographs that my readers have taken the time to share with me. To take part in the series, simply share your photograph in the Flickr Group, on my Facebook Timeline, or you can use my Share Your Shots Forum.

Next Week’s PPS Suggested Theme – Halloween

I’m going to try something a bit different starting next week with a “suggested theme” for the PPS series. Each week I’ll try and come up with a different theme for you to focus on trying to capture. Of course, it’s only a suggestion at this point, and any photograph is still acceptable, but I’ll be weighing those who submit within the theme’s guideline a bit more than others.

And now… PPS #33

Photo By: jlrminer on Flickr
Photo By: Dave King on Flickr
Bradgate Park Sunrise
Photo By: Bob_D on Flickr
Fall Reflections
Photo By: jlrminer on Flickr
Right Fork Canyon

Thank You For Your Support!

This series is truly supported by you. All the photographs are yours and because you’re so willing to help share this post around Facebook and Twitter each week the group of people sharing photos continues to grow. I really enjoy seeing all the new photographers taking their time to share photos with me, but one of the best things, is watching the regular submitters grow as photographers themselves!

It’s truly one of my favorite posts to write and I am honored to share these photos with the rest of my readers. Remember to share, like and tweet this post so that everyone can see these photos.

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