Phogropathy’s Photo Share #92

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since the last PPS post so I thought it’d be about time to head back on over to the Flickr group and see what you all have been sharing and I wasn’t at all disappointed! Want to see your photo featured in a future PPS post? Simply add it to the collection and it might just happen – no theme or experience required, but I do ask that you keep the images family friendly.

Phogropathy’s Photo Share #92

Photo By: Lynette Blecha Photography
Sunset in the Ozarks
Photo By: NightSkyMN
Gold Medal Flour
Photo By: PhotoJacko
Photo By: nwitthuhn
No Hunting....

Thank You
Each photo share post ends with a simple thank you and call to action. The thank you is for everyone who helps make the series possible, whether you’re sharing your photos or sharing this post on social media to help draw attention to the series it all helps and wouldn’t be possible without it. The call to action is for you to consider taking part in the series either by sharing your work or sharing this post to help it grow, without support from the community, the photo sharing would stop, so it needs your support!

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  1. says

    steve priebe said
    Another great selection, John.  I particularly like the frozen leaf.  I would be interesting to know how this was processed.

    Thanks steve! Yeah the leaf was very interesting – looks like a selective color edit, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve always liked this particular photographer’s submissions they have a very interesting style.

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