Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – #15

After a short hiatus the photo shares are back! I was very happy to see that even while I was away people were still submitting photographs to the group pool and we even have some new members pushing the group to over 50 submitters!

In the future I’m planning to introduce some themed weeks in which I’ll ask for certain styles or subjects in your submitted photographs. I’d like to grow the group a bit more before I do that as with the added constraints to a particular week I would expect the amount of submissions would decrease.

Of course, with that thought in mind, I’d love to hear what everyone would be most interested in as far as themes go. Even if you’re simply here to watch and take in the art of others I’d love to here your input. So simply leave a comment below as to what you’d like to see for a theme and I’ll be sure to make some notes as to what themes people are most interested in and start the series off with those.

Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – #15

Photo By: Beth K
Purple water pearls !
Photo By: NightSkyMN
Eclipse 2
Photo By: Loomie34
Photo By: NightSkyMN
Thunderbird 1

There are so many more awesome photographs in Phogropathy’s Flickr Photo Share Group so go check those out. Don’t forget to favorite and comment on the ones you like and if you know people who take photographs please take a moment and share this post with them so they can also contribute to the series!

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