Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – #16

In this sixteenth post in the photo share series I wanted to share some of the interesting stats that I’ve been keeping track of since the launch of this series. The numbers below are current as of today’s post.

  • Top ContributorBeth K (57 photos)
  • Top FeaturedBeth K and NightSky (8 each)
  • Total Photos Submitted – 489 (see them all here)
  • Total Members – 56
  • Average Photos Submitted Per Member – 8.7
  • Number of Different Featured Photographers – 27 (48% of total members have been featured here on Phogropathy).
Keep it up everyone, Phogropathy’s Photo Share is growing and it’s all thanks to those of you who are taking the time to share your shots. Without people sharing photographs to the pool I’d have nothing to showcase here on Sunday’s so thank you for your support!
If you’ve yet to be featured here on Phogropathy, don’t worry there are many more photo shares to come, and I’m always looking for new and unique photographs to post here so keep submitting shots and you might see yours here soon!
Are you new to this series and curious about how to take part in the fun? Simply head on over to the Flickr Group and start submitting your photos today – it’s that easy!

Phogropathy’s Weekly Photo Share – #16

Photo By: Beth K
Mill in the Medow (1976)
Photo By: Debby Curtis
Old Iron Bridge....
Photo By: jckhickey54
Male swan 2 5-11
Photo By: Dr Ranjith Mehenderkar
light trail on the highway

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