Point Judith Lighthouse


Last night I asked my Facebook fans which photograph they’d like to see most on the blog today based on three descriptions.

The response was pretty impressive with 19 comments, one of which voted for all three photographs, and a “comment like” which I counted as a vote for that choice. Therefore, in total, 19 votes were cast for today’s photo.

The Breakdown

  • A – 6 (32%)
  • B – 5 (26%)
  • C – 8 (42%)

So today we’ll see the lighthouse shot, but don’t worry if you wanted one of the other two photographs, they will make it here on the site later this week.

Now, I’d also like to know, if you enjoyed this kind of thing? Comment and let me know if you’d like more of these “reader choice” style posts. I can do it a couple other ways – Black and white vs color, square crop vs landscape crop, portrait v landscape v wildlife. The list is really endless.

Daily Photo – Point Judith Lighthouse

Point Judith Lighthouse after sunset
This was taken from the top of a hill a few hundred yards down the coast from Point Judith lighthouse with my 55-300mm lens shot at 62mm. I took photographs throughout the zoom range of this lens as well as a few with my 18-105, so there’s a few more versions of this photograph to come down the line.

The sun had set about a half hour before this photograph was taken so the sky was that deep blue color you get right before darkness fully sets in and I think it really makes for a cool shot. I made sure to capture the light of the lighthouse as it spun around warning ships of the dangerous landmass in their way.

Thanks for visiting Phogropathy! I hope you’ll be back again soon.

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