[POLL] How Many Cameras Do You Own (Camera Phones Count!)

How Many Cameras Do You Own (Camera Phones Count!)"]

So I was wondering how many cameras the readers of Phogropathy own. When you pick a number you’re allowed to include camera phones, point and shoots, DSLRs, vintage film cameras, polaroids, and anything else you can think of that captures photographs.

A collection of my camera and my mom’s film cameras!

If you’d like to share your collection feel free to comment below with a list of what you’ve got!

What do I have?

  • iPhone 4S
  • D7000

I’ve always thought about whether or not I’d need a point and shoot, but I just can’t justify it with the iPhone. Though I suppose if I did get a point and shoot camera I’d go for a waterproof/shockproof one so I could do some things that my two current cameras can’t.

And now – Over to you!

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