[POLL] What Mode Do You Shoot in Most Often?

What Mode Do You Shoot in Most Often?"]

For me, shutter priority is almost never used, my camera is either in aperture priority mode or manual mode depending on my mood and the subject I am trying to photograph.

which mode do you photograph in most?

Aperture priority gives me the most control over depth of field and I can achieve faster or slower shutter speeds by playing with the ISO and exposure compensation settings of the camera. If I need a specific shutter speed or if I can’t get the camera to give me what I want in aperture priority mode I’ll switch into manual to capture the seen how I envision it being captured.

What about you?

Which mode do you find yourself in most? Are you trying to experiment with learning a new mode? Take the poll and leave your thoughts below!

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  1. James Harvey says

    I use program but I use the program shift feature to rapidly change settings for the effect I want. When I use A or S, sometimes I forget to swap it back and miss a few shots. I can and do use all modes when needed, but for me, using the program shift works best.

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