Race Brook Falls

Happy Hump day everyone! Last night I downloaded and started playing around with the beta of Topaz Adjust 5, which is an amazing piece of software that plugs right into Photoshop. I’ve been using the predecessor for most of my photographs here on Phogropathy.com, but this new upgrade really does bring a whole lot more to the playing field. I’ll try and get a full review out this weekend for those that are interested.

Waterfall Wednesday – Race Brook Falls

Race Brook Falls

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Race Brook Falls is making its debut here on Phogropathy’s Waterfall Wednesday feature. Overall this location is a little different than the other waterfalls I’ve been to. Race Brook is the water source that generates the falls and it basically is running down the side of some fairly steep terrain. While Race Brook Falls is an impressive site as a whole, there really is not an individual waterfall here that is impressive in it’s own right.

What Race Brook Falls consists of is about five smaller waterfalls and a continuous stream of raging cascades like the one seen below. Due to this, combine with the steep terrain, it’s not the easiest place to photograph – in fact – it was probably the location that required the most photographic techniques to get decently composed shots. Due to the difficulty of this location, the collection of photographs I grabbed from this site are probably my least favorite of all the sites I’ve been to and for that reason I have put this as one of my top sites to revisit.

That being said, I really do like the shot I’m sharing with you today, it might even be one of my favorite waterfall shots in recent weeks.

As always I hope you ‘like’ this post. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return soon!

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