Something a Little Different

Every now and then an accident turns into a great shot!

Daily Photo – Something a Little Different

While I was taking those sunrise photos on Sunday I set my camera to snap a set of three brackets to which I walked in front of the camera, but I had walked out of the frame prior to the final (longest exposure) finishing. The result a ghostly transparent version of me staring out over the river.

I thought it was kind of cool and I hope you all like it! Again I’d love if you’d share this post on your own social networks – yesterday’s sharing sent a record number of people from Facebook to Phogropathy – Thanks everyone! :)

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  1. Debbie K says

    Love this image and thought for sure it was photoshopped! I do a lot of HDR but never considered stepping into the frame like this. Great inspiration and I’ll have to try it some time. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Well I mean there is a tid bit of photoshopping to get the details to where they are, I mostly used Topaz Adjust 5 for that. However, I’m assuming you meant the transparency of the person in the frame. Which is infact just me standing infront of a long exposure for only a fraction of the full exposure. I used an ND filter to create the longer exposure time to allow me to do this without blowing out the sky/snow.

    • says

      Always happy to hear when I’ve inspired someone! I’m not familiar with Canon’s cameras, but most DSLRs these days are capable of bracketing exposures – Even if you google “How to auto bracket with [insert your camera model]” you’ll probably find thousands of results! Good luck!

    • says

      Kristin – look for the AEB setting somewhere in your menu. Set it to shoot 3 shots, 2 stops apart for max range. You then need to process your bracketed images together into a tone mapped HDR image using either Photomatix, Photoshop or some other program that you like for processing.

  2. Holly says

    Was looking though your photos again and came back to this one. It really is very cool in an almost creepy way. This “ghost of the river” is really well put together. It tells a story. This cold, the stillness, the solitude, the loneliness make a very interesting picture. It could be a book cover for a mystery novel.

  3. Phyllis says

    As a beginner in photography as a hobby, & as a new subscriber to your newsletters, I was looking thru your website & came across this photo. It just blew me away! Really, really awesome! I hope to achieve something as unique as this photo one day in my photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. says

    Very, very, very cool!  I’m delighted that you brought it back, Phyllis; it was posted before my joining Phogropathy.  And, BTW, welcome! Hope we see your images posted soon.

  5. says

    revdfw said
    Very, very, very cool!  I’m delighted that you brought it back, Phyllis; it was posted before my joining Phogropathy.  And, BTW, welcome! Hope we see your images posted soon.

    Thanks Dolores! Just spent some time updating some of the older posts on the blog which were never linked over to the forum, nice to see these older posts again. :)

  6. says

    Hey, John. I appreciate this post.

    I’m learning there is much you can do when taking photo’s in HDR.

    I submitted this photo recently in the “Share Your Shots” section. This is an HDR-3 braketed time exposure. Taken at night in a fairly well lit square in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The “ghost-like” effect of the people in the foreground really enhances the photo in my opinion. I particularly like the ghostly image of another photographer setting up his camera on a tripod. 

    I mentioned “time exposure” above. This is the automatic result of setting the three brakets. Because the camera is set at Aperature Priority, the exposure time is automatically adjusted to obtained the required exposure. Set at -2/0/+2, the plus 2 exposure resulted in a fairly long exposure time which allows the camera to record movement which normally you don’t want in HDR, but in this case produced an interesting result. 


  7. says

    Glad that you liked this post Don – I really do find the shot you captured interesting and the long exposure is certainly the reason for it. I do agree that the person setting up their tripod is a nice added bonus. :)

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