Stars Over a Dirt Road in Georgia

It’s always a good feeling making it through the half way point in the week, happy Wednesday everyone!

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Stars Over a Dirt Road in Georgia

Stars Over the Dirt Road
I took this shot while driving around Georgia about an hour or so outside of Savannah. It’s really a different world than I’m used to with dirt roads and no traffic. There was no moon in the sky so it was extremely dark and being away from the lights of the north east it just felt even darker than I’m used to. However, even being as dark as it was, there was still some substantial light pollution in this photo, I guess I’ll need to get even more out to the middle of no where next time.

After driving around for a while I found a dirt road that seemed to be just as good as any other dirt road and pulled over to take a few shots. I hope you like this one that I’ve picked for you.

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  1. says

    From time to time I get on kick where I start snapping alit of shots at night. In fact I think many of them are my best photos. The one thing that I have yet to get decent results is astrophotography. Even in the dead of night a million miles away for now where and shooting from 14MM – 24mm I don’t get the results I want.

    I realize that I could get the best shots with an equatorial mount but for now I just want to get the shot and worry about the fancy stuff later.

    I guess time will tell.

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